Halloween Trade

October 19, 2011

Hi, need 1 day for Halloween, so Club Penguin put a video commercial

What seemed to be commercial?


¡Penguin Dan CP!

October 19, 2011

Hi, I’m DanPuck, this blog is named after Dan CP Penguin”blog”is not yet finished,so I need an author or contributor, and also I will need help from others on the blog is, for now have much content, so this blog is NOT over for now ..

Blog will also be many things, such as topics, we do not know, because we canpass”Blogger”I do not think that happens, so for now the blog will be well, we also have a”Estate”but later, because otherwise it would be to buy a domain foo.

For now, the one to comment on this post this following information may be my 1partner and my best friend in CP.
Days (You have to have more than 365 days):
If you complete this you will gain all my confiansa and be my 1 collaborator!

Also remember that they will have more post of the month concerned, for example, now that we are in October, we will have all the facts about Halloween and the 6th anniversary of Club Penguin, that will be the data of this month.

That was it, I hope you see this blog! 😀